Another awesome post from the Social Expression archives…

So is it true?

Do you have to be social to get dates?

The short answer is NO, you don’t.

You don’t have to be some really dynamic personality.

I mean, you have to be able to interact with someone.

So if you are really shy at this point it’s going to be hard. But I’m also surprised at the number of people that are struggling with social anxiety that are in a relationship.

So clearly they weren’t too shy to get into a relationship or to get married.

To me, that means there’s hope, yet for anyone really struggling. In fact, there are people that are downright introverted and even shy socially that are major daters, dating a lot. I’ve met them before.

I remember one guy in college who was quite awkward with new people in college.

Even though I was still quite shy, I wasn’t nearly as “skittish” as he was.

Even his friends said he was “weird” because he was so aloof. (Believe me when I was in an aloof mode, I was considered weird, too.)

But this guy WAS always dating a new girl.

His friends even talked about the fact he dated more girls than most people they knew.

It was kind of crazy to observe.

(From what I’ve seen, I believe he’s a rare case, too.)

But I digress…

So if you are really shy and worried about meeting people…

With the advent of online dating, and with it being the norm these days, you can easily meet someone without ever leaving the house.

Of course, online dating comes with a whole different set of challenges, because it’s not even close to a true representation of the person, but more like an advertisement.

So what to do if you’re even too shy to meet people online then too nervous to go on a date?

Well at some point you might want to consider getting extra help with it.

I mean whether you want to meet dates through social means or online, it helps to reduce the shyness and sharpen interaction skills no matter what.

The path of least resistance is the best path as far as I have seen it for having a happy life.

All this can be a lot easy with some effort on your part and the right help.