Did you know this?

I’m sure most of you do, but if you don’t…

This is the HOTTEST time of year for dating, nookie and relationships!

This past Memorial Day is a kick-off for summer parties, socializing and dating…

…when more and more women are out and about than EVER.

But there’s a big problem here:

While many successful guys SAY they are ready to fix their dating issues, ready to get it on, and even ready for love with the right lady this summer…

Not all men successful in their career or business are WILLING to make changes to actually be ready for the hottest dating season of the year!

Here’s what I really think:

It’s NOT your fault if you’ve procrastinated up until now in your love life or you’re recovering from a bad relationship or divorce…

…because chances are HIGH that no one has ever taught you the proper skills and self-confidence you need to win in the dating and mating game.

I do not want you to WASTE your time this summer “getting ready to get ready” and then before you now it…

…it’s Christmas time yet AGAIN and the entire year went by without you dating the women you want, or no women at all!

Here is what does NOT work:

*Getting advice from your friends, family and especially married friends who have either have no clue about dating today, or how to help you in your situation

*Getting stuck in the online dating world clamoring for scraps and competing with all the other men

*Using traditional or pickup methods that focus on chasing women instead of flipping the script, making them chase you and taking back your power (in a healthy way)…becoming the guy that women want, chase and even dream about late at night

*Not working on improve your confidence, beating your shyness (if you have it), upgrading your social and flirtation skills to attract all the hotties you want.

Here is what DOES work.

*Showing up hungry to put in the effort, time doing both the inner and outer work to improve yourself

*Reaching out to an expert mentor who has been where you are and knows how to get you unstuck, guide you and help you built out your social and dating life to levels you never dreamed possible*Making a bold decision to CRUSH your love life this summer

One of my clients Jason who worked hard to be successful in his business had spent years wanting a different love life…

…but he wasn’t sure what to do to fix it.

When we spoke he was SHOCKED that he could go from feeling completely stuck, frustrated and even helpless in dating…

…to be attracting, dating and having some sexy fun with the kinds of hot (and younger) women within weeks.

Despite his cautious nature, Jason said yes to really fixing this part of his life, to get the guidance, support and tools he needed to truly make this part of his life work.

On our call, I saw Jason realize deep down  that he knew nothing would CHANGE unless he put in the work to change himself so he could get the kinds of results he wanted.

On to of that, he also realized that he wouldn’t be able change and do it quickly just on his own…

…unless he worked with someone specifically on his dating life.

Just 6 weeks after starting to work with me Jason was:

*Approaching the kinds of women he wanted without fear or trying to use fancy pickup tricks to convince or persuade them

*Having a sexually magnetic vibe that women invite him along to the next place they were headed within minutes of meeting them

*Hot women getting his number and then texting him chasing him down asking where he was (competing with the other girl in the group who got his number too)

*One of these women was the hottest and youngest of the group and she went home with him without and muss, fuss or resistance…because she was pursuing him of course! 🙂

Besides meeting, dating and having fun with new hot women, Jason travels a lot for work and his new confidence and skills are helping him in meeting new people and interacting with his clients as well.

Besides really starting to crush it with the beautiful ladies, results are transferring to ALL areas of his life – as a direct result of his greater confidence and “vibe power”.

He is feeling better about himself than ever before — like a weight has been lifted that’s been on his shoulders for years.

I see so many men fall into a rut in their dating life or focusing on the wrong things.

Which is CRAZY when there’s a much easier way!

If you want to go from single to summer fun, ease and lovin’..

…then don’t make these mistakes above!

Do what Jason did — dive in head first and get the support you need ASAP.

BTW Jason does want to find the right relationship eventually…but sees the light in coming from the healthy power position…

…as the kind of guy that hot women LOVE to chase!

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