Are you afraid of having a call with me by chance?

I ask because you have gotten a few emails from me offering to have a free Breakthrough Call with me, but yet you haven’t taken me up on it.

So I have to assume that you might be scared to get on the phone with me, and you know what?

I would be too.

I really would be.

When I was in a bad way, there was no chance I would have scheduled a call with a guy that says he can help me.

I would be suspicious, even!

I would be skeptical and I would think there is no way he could help me.

Here is the thing brother…

You are free to be skeptical, you are free to have your doubts and you are free to not believe me, and even free to be suspicious, but guess what….

All of these things are the VERY things that keep you struggling.

They keep you STUCK.

They keep you trapped in this super dark place of anxiety and lacking confidence.

So your doubts, your suspicions, and your being skeptical is holding you back, its keeping you stuck where you are.

So you basically have TWO choices right now…

1a. Keep struggling as long as you want.

1b. And even keep yourself stuck and feeling powerless and without confidence, possibly for YEARS to come.

2. Or set the CHANGE wheels in motion!

If you know that things can’t keep going on the way they have been, that you need to have things change, and you’re trying but you need to know what the hell to do, then let’s talk.

We’ll just hop on the phone and we’ll pinpoint what’s not working for you, what is working and talk about the roadmap for exactly where you want to be with women and dating.

This can be WAY easier than you think.

You can become the confidence, attractive and magnetic guy that women chase…

…as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Call here.

Talk soon,