I realized this just the other day.

That the world of dating is only getting more and more complex and difficult.

Once upon a time, people were setup on meets/dates with people.

People couldn’t hide behind social media and online dating apps (where it’s harder to meet good looking and quality women than in person)….

…which doesn’t help especially if you have confidence problems approach and allowing things to advance with women those things that seem like they can help you meet women actually HURT YOU!

It’s crazy I know, and it took a while for me to come to that realization.

Not only that but pursuing women worked way better back in the past and was considered romantic even!

But times have CHANGED, if you haven’t noticed.

Hitting on, going after and chasing women plain and simple doesn’t work nearly as well, and in many cases AT ALL especially with the more hot and beautiful women.

So what will happen if you keep going the way you are, not getting the results you want…

…whether you’re lacking confidence in yourself, having that “sexy swagger”….

…or just keep getting put in the friend zone and can’t seem to attract the women you want?

Or maybe you struggle with all of the above?

You either sit at home alone on Friday and Saturday nights no dates, no meeting new women…

…or you just go out with friends not approaching the women you ACTUALLY WANT.

Or maybe it’s that girl at the coffee shop you always see who is super-cute, even seems friendly but you just can’t talk to her at all!

It could be anywhere and everywhere you’re struggling brother, no matter how you’d prefer to meet women…

…no matter what the environment.

You could learn pickup lines, and various ways to chase and hit on women or even try “being nice”…

…but I think you know EXACTLY where they will get you by now (as long as you’ve been

Either you’ll keep getting put in the friend zone (rather putting yourself there) or be an overly aggressive, possibly totally creepy dude who will get some results sure…

…but you’ll be putting in WAY too much work!

WAY more than required!

I also know that what I’m telling you might not seem real, or might even cause FEAR in you that you’d have to approach things completely differently with women…

…even though it’d be the BEST thing for you in the end!

The fear of having to completely change your beliefs, and learn different skillsets does not always feel good… or at all!

Yet, you have a CHOICE.

You can do something about it now by changing stuckness, frustration and fear into confidence, ease and sexy swagger!

Maybe it’s time get rid of your fear & frustration and put your faith in a system that actually will actually get you REAL RESULTS with women…

…whether you want to date, sleep with or see multiple women, or find the right woman for you…

…and even have them CHASING YOU, and doing it with less effort and more EASE than ever!

So here’s what I’d like to do:

I’d like to invite you to have a FREE Magnetic Attraction Breakthrough Session directly with me.

It’s 30 minutes of drilling own into your current situation the roadblocks, the challenges, what you want to achieve in your dating life with women…

….and even developing a Fast-Action Plan with specific steps.

And only at the end, in the last few minutes or so would we discuss if you might be a fit for my exclusive coaching program (but only if I really think you are ready for it, it would truly benefit you, and that you’d be a positive addition to the group of kick-ass guys in it making progress and getting results.)

Aside from the huge bonus of eliminating all the usual BS of dating that gets in the way, all the “traditional ways” ways you probably know or even aggressive pickup techniques…

You will want to take this step because it’s FREE.

It’s the smart thing to do if you really are committed to taking care of this part of you life, have a willingness to invest in yourself (only in case coaching is a true fit, which I’ll help to determine), and are familiar with at least the bare basics of what I teach and help guys with.

My system is based on sound principles and a TRIED & TRUE methodology that just works EVERY TIME.

I can help you reduce and even eliminate your fear of approach women if you struggle with that, breaking through the frustration of things not moving forward in a romantic or sexual direction…

…and setting it up so it’s easy and effortless to talk to and attract women and have them pursue you like prey, where they HUNT YOU DOWN.

Like Jeff one of my current clients who when he first came to me was seeing a women who got mad because he wouldn’t buy her a necklace on a trip they went on.

Jeff was always doing all the work, reaching out to her setting up dates, chasing her down.

He was going out with his buddies are trying to hit on women with mixed results, and a lot of frustration.

After a call tonight he’s casually seeing 3 women that are chasing him, they reach out to him and does little to no work.

When he goes out with his friends (who still try to hit on women) all the women like him because he’s just social lays back, flirts a bit, and then once they exchange info…

…the women are HITTING HIM UP right away, and he calls the shots of what happens usually leading to some intimate time pretty quickly.

Jeff’s not ready right now for a relationship, but when he is…he’ll have more women on tap then he knows what to do with (like he already does with more coming on the way and other already chasing him.)

Oh yeah, and women either “know the deal” that he’s a ladies’ man or he tells them honestly when they ask him if he’s seeing other women.

NO LYING or stupid manipulation like bad boy players do.

That sh!T sucks and doesn’t work in the long run!

So Imagine how great it’d be to have your version or that, where you have the healthy power and control.

What are you waiting for?

I say don’t hesitate – schedule your

FREE Breakthrough Session now:


I can guarantee this…

You’ll find yourself in a much better place.

Because if you keep going the way you are going and you DON’T change things, years will go by and you’ll likely find yourself in an even worse place than you are now!

Not trying to be negative just trying to be real with you, from my own personal experience and the stories I hear from guys every week.

So click on the link below and set up a session with me today and get rid of the frustration, fear and lack of results:


Be the driver of your romantic future instead of the passenger who has little to no control.