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About Dave Hamilton

Have you been struggling with a the frustration of not being able to attract and date the women that you want? What about rejection from women and the loneliness that follows week after week, even year after year?

Don't worry you are NOT alone. This is extremely common with men who are professionally successful. This is where I can help out.

I have extensively coached professionally successful men of all ages in their 30s, 40s and even 50s and 60s who struggle with getting beautiful women comfortable & attracted to them, not knowing what to do or say, and an overall lack of confidence with these women, including shyness and lack of social abilities.

From there, I have helped many of these successful guys completely turn around the dating dynamic to where the chase has been "flipped over" - and they no longer have to chase women, but the women begin to chase them and enjoy doing it! In fact, they are inspired to do it, want to do it, and want to stick around right into a relationship!

Of those men who have been professionally successful who are entrepreneurs, CEOs, high-income professionals and high-level executives , I noticed a pattern had evolved.

That all these good men with high degrees of success were really struggling and needed help with finding, attracting and keeping quality women in their lives.

They needed help to become the man that would easily attract the exact types of women they want without compromising their authenticity and integrity.

Thus Core Of Confidence was born.

Though my time is extremely limited at this point in time, I do offer one or two coaching spots each month to those who are serious about creating the life of their dreams. 

You can apply for coaching here.


#1 - Check Out These Case Studies Of Good-Hearted, But Average Nice Guys Who Used To Struggle With Women, And Completely Transformed Into Sexy Bad-assess That Have Attracted The Women They Desire!

#2 - Free Video Workshop: The Bluerpint For Men To Attract & Date The Women They Want In The Next 30 Days...Even If You Haven't Had A Relationship In Years!

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