Important question for you…

Do you feel like trying to find your mojo…your swagger…yourself…

…so you can attract high-quality women whether for open, honest, straightforward casual fun or for finding your forever LOVE?

Has your love life turned into an endless string of disappointments?

And each time you put yourself out there, you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop?

If so, keep reading.

Have you even met a hot, smart, seemingly “together” women felt a special connection and said to yourself…

“Maybe this is finally the woman.”

OR maybe just not even getting in the ballpark of who she is at all?

And even though you’ve been disappointed so many freakin’ times, you let yourself get your hopes up.

Then, almost on cue, they or she mysteriously just disappeared from your life…

Stopped calling, stopped texting or flaked out on you several times?

Or maybe it was the “you’re a nice guy…can we be friends?”

Leaving you wondering…”What in the hell did I do wrong?”

Were you not her type?

What was she looking for, anyway?

You drive yourself crazy for the next few weeks (or even months or YEARS), trying to figure it all out.

What about that woman you went out with and you really felt chemistry for her… you felt on first and electric around her.

You thought it went SO well.

Maybe you even asked to see her again at the end of the first date, and she responded well even said “sure!”

And then when you reached back out…CRICKETS.

I hear stories like this from men all the time… smart, successful men with good lives, like you.

Or maybe you put yourself out there, went online, even had pictures taken and put all this energy into your profile…

But the only “women” you attracted were ones who were too old, not in shape, and if you happened to get one that did look good and wasn’t crazy and didn’t have 5 kids and looking for a meal ticket…she didn’t end up being attracted to you.

Or maybe it was a gold digger, a success digger who only cared about your status and money?

(Please, please don’t tell me you’re still on a sugar daddy site or a mail order bride site…get off those ASAP man I don’t care how how the women are!)

And because you’ve been disappointed (more than once)…

You feel like that’s life telling you maybe you should hang up your love life boots forever.

So what if you know in your heart you’re a guy who deserves to have what he wants in his dating & relationships with women. A “catch” even.

The bottom line is, these days it’s more difficult than ever to attract beautiful, high-quality women that live up to your standards.

That treat you with RESPECT.

And that like you for YOU and not your assets, money and success.

Honestly it’s not worth the time.

Just give yourself some time and you’ll forget all about dating women and relationships.

At the end of the day, it’s not worth getting your hopes up, over and over… because you know what’s coming.

You have a good life already. Why bother, right?!?

Over time you’ll forget all about hooking up with the hotties you’ve always wanted to OR having a loving, connected, passionate relationship…

I mean at your age, it’s just turned into a pipe dream right.

But what about the other men your age, that have someone?

The men that do this, that create success.. aren’t smarter than you or extraordinary in any way.

Honestly, they didn’t have anything special.

They use this 4-step formula and it worked for them: 

  1. CLAIM IT.They want it and are 100 percent committed and made a decision. They stopped lying to themselves.
  2. COMMIT TO they did their career or anything else. Getting into the right school or training program….a fitness goal…
  3. FLIP THE SCRIPT ON IT. which means again becoming the one women chase, then there is NO competition)
  4. EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE OF IT. They thrive in a space where they see OPPORTUNITIES by wanting to be the best — having the best – they want to be growing to be the BEST person they can be and this EXCITES THEM.

And I say this, every time, it’s not about GETTING A THE GIRL — because yeah — she is responsible for herself and her love life.

This is ALWAYS about coming from a place of 100 percent authenticity – feeling confident in who you are.

And the best position for you to be in is to BE THE MAN WHO WOMEN CHASE, instead of chasing them down.

It’s just more energy and time efficient, and gets you far better results in the long run.

It sets the right precedent for the relationship for YEARS to come, especially when the love has stuck.

Looking for a partner who will be your PERFECT WOMAN — for true intimacy and your authenticity is the center-piece of all your ‘marketing’ online and offline.

It’s you being YOU — even when the stakes are high. Build everything around this.

KNOWING you, being CONFIDENT and in love with YOU and knowing who will be your match based on shared common values and goals.

This is a BLINDSPOT for single men and nearly all the advice that is out there is wrong, cookie cutter, outdated, simplified, and really not based on authenticity and attracting high quality women the RIGHT way.

It’s meant for the lowest common denominator.

That’s not who YOU are and that’s not what you want.

Imagine if it really happened, and there was no more disappointment.

I know you’ve done it. Probably every time you got dressed for a first date, you thought… “maybe this could be HER.”

Imagine if you finally met THE ONE (or several ones in the ballpark)… you know, the hot, smart, loving woman with a her stuff together who’s also supportive of you….

And she was absolutely crazy about YOU.

She loved and adored you, took care of you and brought you dinner over or a bottle of wine. She fawned over you, “loved your brains out” 😉 and was in bliss being with you every day.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because I don’t think you’re ready to give up on your love life.

And what I’ve noticed throughout the years I’ve been helping men (like you) that have a good life… but are missing the ONE piece that will make it all AMAZING…

And attract gorgeous women or that special someone that makes them feel LOVED, adored and respected…

Is that learning to attract the right WOMAN isn’t about dumb luck…

Not at all!

It’s a matter of breaking it down and figuring out what IS working, taking out what isn’t, tightening it all up, providing the right methodology and then watching everything fly into place at astonishing speed!

And that’s exactly what most men like you absolutely need in order to find love with the women you desire.

If you want to finally find the one piece you’ve been missing…

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Look, if you’re being honest, being lonely is different than being alone.

If you’re okay being alone, then you’re not ready.

But if you want to find SUCCESS in your love life before you run out of time in 2018, and you understand that you can have the dating & love life you want…

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