Discover How Successful High-Achieving Men Go From 'Zero To Hero' With Beautiful Women Even If They Had No Game Or Love Life In Years!

Are you a Successful Entrepreneur,  High Performing Executive, OR High-Income Professional...And Your Love Life Probably Hasn't Gone The Way You Imagined It Would?  

You always believed that by working-hard and having success while being a nice guy, that women would just coming flocking to you - or would stay forever committed, loving and loyal.

But the truth is this: it simply doesn't work like that. Attraction between men and women doesn't work like that AT ALL.

Without understanding how attraction works on a deep level, let alone being the man that women are naturally attracted to, it's virtually impossible win the game of dating, sex & relationships.

And we're not talking about just any women, but the right women who are beautiful inside and out.

The women that YOU WANT who like you for YOU, and not just because of your money, success or just to have a placeholder relationship. 

Women who not only treat you with respect and appreciate you, but even chase you, adore you and are dying to be with you.

Women who take care of themselves (like you do) have and have a quality of character that would make you proud to call her your girlfriend or wife.

Women who are affectionate and nurturing in relationship, and want to turn up the heat in the bedroom with you - and call you her King.

Without the proper understanding of attraction, along with rock-solid confidence and the right skills to attract AND KEEP beautiful women, your love life is in trouble. And deep down, you know it.

That's where I come in.

And I can HELP.

Most confidence & attraction advice being taught today doesn’t work.

Hitting On Women. Endlessly Pursuing or Chasing Them.

Being "Persistent" Until She Says Yes. Trying to Rely On Money, Looks or even "Game" or "Pickup Arts". Online Dating or Matchmaking Services (What A Joke!).

None of it works.

These approaches are fine for getting a date or two with far less than your ideal woman, while putting in a TON of effort, time and money.

But these methods are hopeless when it comes to attracting the exact kinds of women you want, to you can find & keep a lovely lady that is the perfect match for you.

The fact is there’s a huge difference between simply taking action to meet women vs. actually attracting them on a deep level - so you are the man that THEY truly desire, can't stop thinking about and can't stop chasing.

Core Of Confidence Is Different Than The Rest.

I teach my clients the most up-to-date attraction methods that actually work.

You will develop a deeply attractive mindset & skill that create an extraordinary transformation in you, your confidence and your "vibe" - so you literally attract beautiful women like a magnet, before you even utter a word.

And when you do, you know that she will be yours and YOU get to choose the women you want.

This is exactly why the successful, high-achieving men who have been struggling with their love lives, once they go through my programs, constantly rave about the high levels of confidence & attraction they feel from women and ultimately their "perfect 10".

Learn The 5 Step Methodology

Flip The Script

As men we’ve been told that we must pursue and chase women in order to attract them and move things forward. This simply is NOT true. In fact, women are more than willing to chase you if you let them.

By flipping the script, we avoid turning women off by being too aggressive and also protect ourselves from rejection, which comes with traditional paradigm of “man pursues woman” or pickup methods.

Meet Women Socially

Now more than ever, meeting women face-to-face is becoming a lost art. That’s why it’s the best way to stand out because so many men think that using online dating will get them better results, this simply isn’t true at all. 

Online dating and matchmaking services are a major crutch that don't work for most successful men in attracting high-quality women. That’s why it’s mandatory that you become competent in starting and continuing conversations with women in social situations, in real life.

The Secret Weapon: Magnetic Vibe

This IS the #1 Secret to Getting Her To Chase YOU for who you are instead of your success or money...and that's whether you want to date several women or find a great girlfriend. 

Magnetic Vibe is the “X Factor” that women causes women to notice you and say “there’s just something about him”.

This secret weapon of magnetic vibe goes beyond looks and money, and is what drives women crazy that goes far beyond the right lines to say or moves to make with women.

Remove The Pedestal

This is the key to leveling the playing field and putting yourself in her league. Without doing this, you’ll be scrambling uphill for years and she’ll never truly respect you and attraction and connection with her will be fleeting even IF you do get into a dating situation or relationship with her.

Work With An Expert

Everyone should have a mentor. You NEED someone who has solved the problem over and over not only for himself but for others, too. Someone provide you with a proven solution and a FAST one that gets the women you want chasing, adoring and ultimately falling in love with you.

"Environment Always Wins" is a saying we have around here and without the proper supportive environment, it can be difficult to make changes that get results and to see them through.

Welcome to Core of Confidence 

Click below to watch my complimentary masterclass. It shows you the exact methodology I use to help my clients expand their dating, social and love lives to attract the beautiful women they want.

Whether you want to have fun with casual dating or find the woman of your dreams…whether you are coming out of a divorce or you've been long-time can achieve the same. 

And you can do it WITHOUT facing the endless frustration of the online dating scene, fear of rejection or a lack of results in trying to meet women out in the real world.

Why Choose
Core Of Confidence?

Have you been struggling with a the frustration of not being able to attract and date the women that you want? What about rejection from women and the loneliness that follows week after week, even year after year?

Don't worry you are NOT alone. This is extremely common with men who are successful. This is where I can help out.

I have extensively coached successful men of all ages in their 30s, 40s and even 50s and 60s who struggle with getting beautiful women comfortable & attracted to them, not knowing what to do or say, and an overall lack of confidence with these women, including shyness and lack of social abilities.

Of those men who have been successful in their careers as successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, high-income professionals and high-level executives, I noticed a pattern had evolved.

That all these good men with high degrees of success were really struggling and needed help with finding, attracting and keeping quality women in their lives.

They needed help to become the man that would easily attract the exact types of women they want without compromising their authenticity and integrity.

Thus, Core of Confidence was born!


WARNING: Before you claim your spot on the 5-Step Blueprint To Attract & Date Beautiful Women masterclass you must understand that this is only for successful men who are serious about having amazing women chasing them.